Thursday, 2 May 2013

Day#3 I am GRATEFUL for..

Life has its own way to make you what you are today.Change is one of them.We have experienced it,seen life taking turns and changing all the time.New age teachers even claim that every thought and associated  feeling can change your life for good.

Only constant thing is Change
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Sometimes I think jab tak badal rahe ho tab tak jinda ho tum (Till there is change you are alive).Mother nature has been the best example of this.Seasons change,colour of leafs change,harvest changes as per season.Today I want to be grateful for all the changes which happened in life.Below are few which have brought me here...made my life what it is now.

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  • Yes I truly believe that changes are blessings in disguise.One of this came in life when I had change my city and my school in 12th standard.My father got transferred to another state all together.I was sad that it happened in during most important academic year.I had opted for Maths and Hindi combination(CBSE board) and that option was not available at new school.There was no option but to deal to with it.I was not able to take Hindi classes for the entire year as it will clash with other compulsory subjects. Well I am now thankful that it happened.I managed Hindi very well.Got the highest marks in the entire batch.It made me realise two things.
    • Patience - If you have patience you can get anywhere in your life.  
    • Perseverance is the key to success no matter what.
  • After my 12th I had full fledged plan of dropping a year,prepare for entrance exams and get in some good college.However during some circumstances the plan changed.I had to opt for a college in my state only.I was really upset about it but then accepted it and the college happened.Now if I look back I think it was a blessing for me.I was able to stay near to home and res of the things fell into correct place.
  • Graduation thought me lessons of life.College was where for the first time in my life I tasted failure in my academic life.I guess when they say sometimes to rise high you have to fall really low.I can completely agree to it.
    • Those failure made me realise that I need to change my work pattern completely.If you are not succeeding by what you are doing ,you need to restart.
    • It made me realise that starting all over again is not that hard.It happens for good and you can write your story in entirely new light.

  •  This change of 100% success rate to 90% rate made me realise that rocky beginning does not mean rough ending.You just need to believe and work.You can fly high and that's what happened I stood first in my department at the State University Level.I am grateful for this event.Today when ever I see lows,I reassure myself that if I want to then things can change.
  • Again for job my city changed and set of people changed.I was upset initially as usual that I was not with my regular set of friends.But again through this change I got amazing friends.They are the best people I have ever meet so far.I cannot explain I grateful I am.
  • As I was enjoying my work suddenly I was asked to move out of my team and join others.After being with my team for almost a year I was really devastated.I was felling that I am the chosen one to be tortured.In new time we were so many freshers together.Oh God that was blast.First time I was celebrating work.Under amazing guidance of my 2 leads we learned a lot.Even weekend working could not bother us.
  • After the project got over I dint know what to expect.It was like working in the new company.Only solace was one of friend who was with since day 1 of my job.I still remember telling him I much I hated this end of project.We were so skeptically about our lead.Actually we dint like him during the first week.(If he happens to read this I will be dead because we have been together since 4 years now..he is the best mentor :) Another post for all my mentors).With him we learned so much,I can call that project as the best project of my life.I am truly grateful that it happened to me.

There are many such incidences or changes in my planned life that added new colours to my life.Usually I will panic in the beginning,cry over it but at  the end I have realised that they weren't that bad at all.There are many more like them but I will tell you some other time in another post.

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