Friday 1 March 2013

Book Review - #1- Tea for two and a piece of cake by Preeti Shenoy


Published by  Random house India 
ISBN            9788184002799
Author           Preeti Shenoy

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 Behind the Book
Tea for two and a piece of cake
is an unusual, a heart warming and gripping love story between two people who have so much to lose by getting into a relationship with each other, yet so much to gain.

I felt:
As I finished reading the book,I found myself humming this song by Eagles:
I was standing
All alone against the world outside
You were searching
For a place to hide

Lost and lonely
Now you've given me the will to survive
When we're hungry, love will keep us alive
Lyrics source- Google
Tea for two and a piece of cake is promised to be an unusual love story and Preeti keeps her promise this time again.First thing that demands your attention is the Index of the books.Each chapter is the named after a  song.This book was also launched on Valentine's day.I guess a complete package for any romantic soul.
One can fine Nisha in their daily mundane life.She can be your friend or a neighbour.A girl next door but yet so strong and determined to face life on her condition.Nisha's plain life takes a turn when she meets Samir Sharma,her prince charming.Little cupid does its wonder and bizarre events takes them to alter and the moment you start guessing it happily ever after story,Pretty takes you a different world.Nisha faces setbacks and decides to enter new world full of uncertainty.
Akash and  Chetana old friend re-enters her life.Akash stands by her in all odds where as Chetana proves to be changing season.Akash gives her life a new dimension where as her dear neighbour provides her safe harbour.Will  she find the calling of her life ?Will she fall in love again ?Like said in song by Luisa Fernandez
                                                  Give love a second chance
                                               Don't spoil this sweet romance
                                                   Live on within my heart
                                                         Lyrics source- Google
Do read the book and find out. 
Author has defined human relations beautifully.Be it falling in love for the first time,turmoil of being alone,going through divorce and then giving love another chance.Each one has unique shade and adds new dimensions to all the characters.This books reminds you to have faith in humanity,have friends ,laugh,make your own life.I truly enjoyed the book.


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