Thursday 21 March 2013

Book Review - #2- Till The Last Breath by Durjoy Datta


Published by   Grapevine India Publishers Pvt. Ltd
ISBN              9381841187 (ISBN13: 9789381841181)

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Behind the Book
On a lazy Sunday morning, two young people are wheeled into Room No. 509 of GKL super speciality hospital. 

A brilliant nineteen year old medical student, suffering from an incurable, fatal disease hurtling her at a slow, painful, uncertain death.A wasteful twenty five year old drug addict, with no appreciation of life, with every organ system of his body slowly shutting down.

Two prodigious doctors, fighting their own demons from the past, try to keep these two patients alive, putting their medical licenses at risk.

Death looms in the tiny 12X13 foot room as they fight for every breath of their lives, even as the doctors put them through unapproved experimental treatments to prolong their lives.How will the last month of pain and struggle change their lives? How will it transform the doctors who work steadfastly to make them live a little longer?

I felt
There was too much said and written about Durjoy Datta's books.I had read his first book Of Course I Love You! ...Till I Find Someone Better! and it did not appeal me to read his further work.
So reluctantly I bought this book during my travel and I must say this changed my opinion about Durjoy.

Book is about the 5 people,whom life has thrown at each others faces.Once together their life take new meaning all together .Where Pihu and Dhushaynat becomes life's misson of Dr Arman and Dr Zarah.

There are loads of emotional aspect of each character,each one fighting at their front.Dhushaynat,who has done every forbidden thing to himself to damage himself but still wants to undo things in his life.
Pihu who is smitten by the charm of Dr Arman is full of Never-say-die spirit.Both of them share a beautiful bond of humanity

The character as interwoven beautifully however story is predictable.It moves smoothly and every character is get a fair chance to connect with readers.

It was good experience,kudos to Dujoy Datta.

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