Friday, 14 June 2013

Day #8 I am GRATEFUL for...

I realized that its been almost a month,I dint write anything new.Well this time I had a valid reason,not a simple excuse for not writing.I had to travel to Singapore on 26th so was all tided up with all the arrangements.Latter on finding place to stay,moving from hotel to an apartment and huge pile of work
I could not write here at all.

Well sometimes life has different ways of surprising you.This trip is one of it.It was not planned at all and when it was told to we were expected to fly sometime in July.So end of May is truly surprising.

  • Well first of all among team of six,to be chosen is something to be really grateful for.I am so very happy elated and grateful too that I have been chosen to be here.
  • Well this is not first time that I am in Singapore ,last time when I was leaving,I surely wanted to visit here once again,complete my shopping list,but never thought that I would be coming back.So I am truly grateful that I could come here once again.
  • All formalities were completed well within time and hassle free.Really grateful for it.
  • Well over all experience of journey was magnificent.I say so because first of all,airline agreed to top up my luggage by 10kg just for free. Isn't it amazing.I am truly grateful for same.
  • Well company provided cab was awesome.All by myself,my first ever chauffeur driven car experience was amazing.Journey was superb and awesome at same time :)

  • Thank God for hassle free check-in,immigration and security check.Thought this is not my first international journey,but still these things make me anxious in no measure.
  • What I saw around was sheer abundance,joy,enthusiasm.I had lots of tourist co-passengers.There was this glitter in their eyes,which made you pepped up instantly.There was this family who was at their first international holiday.Kids were so elated that you couldn't stop being happy with them.
  • Well there was pretty good collection of movies for a change and I am grateful that I could watch two beautiful movies - Life of Pi and Chicken Khurana. Both amazing movies in their own ways.
All in all a very good experience. 


  1. Nice narration. On an assignment in Singapore? Cool. I am sure you will enjoy. Try to cross the border and visit Johor Bahru on the Malaysian side.

    Been to Komala Vilas in Serangoon Road?

    1. Hi SG ..thanks for wishes and i am so sorry for such a dealyed response.I tried but could not get out of Singapore,actually could cover only 3-4 spots in Singapore.May be next time.

  2. Came here after seeing you in my followers'list.You don't seem to write much though you write well.Season's greetings & Happy New Year