Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Lets start over

Dear Diary,
Sometimes in life we forget some of the amazing things we did or experiences which have had.You are one such case, I suddenly remembered I had you and then search stared.Had to struggle a bit get the password and URL but somehow managed to get back to you.

One page of you and loads of memories gushed out of nowhere and I was transported to back in time.It was so nice to read you ,actually those post were written during the trying times to get the perception of what was happening around.

Its been year since we have meet and lots of things have happened and nothing went documented.Life went in auto-pilot mode.There were loads of incidences which should have been documented and cherished but nothing of that sort happened.

The experience made me realize that its worth documenting the life as it goes by

So have decided that no matter what, will start documenting the day or at least will put a post per week.May be a week recap.

Here I am documenting 25th Jul of 2017 as it went :

Ms Lovely started without giving much trouble.As you know she is bike which I use to commute everyday.She is blessing in disguise as she saves approximately 1 hr of the day and also ensures that no matter where I am , I always reach my home back safely.
Planning to send for repair.

It dint rain yesterday while commute which means crisp clothes in office (read blasting AC)

Dinner was good too,ordered by one of the family friend.

One of know person lets call N is suffering from health issues.They have aggravated in small time span. This reminds me how blessed each one of us is to have healthy body.

Watched Bhulbhuliya after long time and this time from beginning to end.It was pure treat to watch.

I have an intention to utilize my day more productively,have times reserved for everything and yet have sometime to spend with family.I hope  I am able to do so.

On the travel front,approvals are still pending and I hope that its gets sorted soon. I am really grateful to how the life is unfolding and what all big changes and turn it is about to take.I am excited and nervous at same time.

One of the quote which I read today and made too much sense to ,would like to say here and keep it forever:

                       Faith is small word,but has supreme implications.The problem today is that,
                           we have doubts in our faith and have full faith in our doubts.

So lets not loose faith and move ahead.

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