Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Day #6 I am GRATEFUL for..

Well here I am back with one day gap.Today's day started on good note and till now its joyful.
  • I am grateful for the amazing ready-made morning kadak chai .Nothing can make your day start on good note than a cup of chai.I am grateful for this service.
  • Our cook has happily agreed to cook breakfast for us ,so bye bye to canteen cooked breakfast.I cannot tell you how nice it is to have garma garma ghar ka nashta
  • I have started seeing changes already.Now a days I can reach office in record time of 30 mins,with minimal traffic and I cannot tell you how much that makes me happy.
  • I am grateful to my job which have me to have balanced professional and personal life.I can be back at home at pretty decent time.
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  • This is place where our watchman lives with his wife and 2 kinds.If you can see,not sure,they sleep on floor and don't even have a proper hygienic place for cooking.I have realised when you see your life with an eye of gratitude,you realised that we are life of king size.I am grateful that I live in safe house and well ventilated
  • Kind of arrangement I live with my room-mates,I am blessed to have a punctual house-help for cooking and cleaning.By being punctual,its truly a blessing,most of you will agree.
  • Our landlord is gem of person,who has been always supporting.He has been kind enough to rent out his flat on lesser rate as compared to others in same area.
  • Our society maintenance staff is very efficient,who makes sure that common areas are neat and clean.I am grateful to them for providing neat and clean society.

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  1. Yes are absolutely right..we don't realize how comfortably and safely we are living than many people around the looking at them always leave me with lots of positive vibes..:)