Monday, 13 May 2013

Day#5 I am GRATEFUL for...

Well,I am back after big gap of 12 days :( but bright side is that I am continuing it,that's was the whole reason to put my gratitude list here on this blog.I knew at least I will come back and write.

All these while I have been enjoying reading all the blogs,but never realised efforts which all the bloggers put in to write something each and every time.Better than what they did last time.Kudos to all of them.

Well,it is said that 'The Love of a family is life's greatest blessing'.Nothing can replace this love.Having a family is the best blessing anyone can have.This weekend while I was visiting my family,it dawned on me that these are only people in my life which keeps me moving in life.Where ever they are,that is home,a peaceful,joyful place.
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I am not talking about only my parents and sisters however each and every member of my family,who has touched my life since Iwere born.Sometime aspired me to be like them,sometimes taught me not be like them.  
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  • Earlier that touch of affection mattered more than the way of expression.A kiss-me-bar brought by uncle, made him your favourite and somewhere thought giving and sharing.I am grateful for every single gesture of such kindness offered to me,which made me feel loved and taught me to love

  • Well longevity runs in our family.I had played with both my great grandmother(Fathers grandmother and my mothers grandmother)I am truly grateful for both of them.The numerous stories which were narrated to me.They were full of suspense,drama but had high dose of moral values.Yes I still remember few of their stories ,which I am sure were made up them to let me know how being naughty or greedy was not good.I use to get chance to visit them during summer vacation .I just use to wait for it.With them around I never needed anyone,with them I use to be happiest.With there departure,they thought me a biggest lesson, everyone remembers you by the way you touched their life,how you changed them and yes sometimes you miss the memories more than person.

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  • Till last year I had both my paternal & maternal grandparents were healthy and alive.Well each one had different way of showing their love.My native place is in village so it use to be completely different from visit my maternal place.Gardening ,climbing trees,picking up fresh mangoes use to be part of my summer vacation course with them :P :P.We had a dog and a cow's family with us.Being at their place I learned to be kind to animals.

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  • Being at my mom's place use to be always a different experience.There was this disciplined environment.Life use to run as per clock,however afternoons were fun.I learned embroidery(which I don't remember at all now :P),cooking there.I am grateful that I got these wonderful grandparents.

  • I feel truly blessed to have family like mine.My parents are supper supportive in whatever we do and I guess this must me like living in heaven,having your guardian angles look at you all the time.They are the reason of every goodness which I have in me now.

  • I am happy and grateful that we are constantly with me,helping me guiding me.It is like they feel all the emotions which I feel,they are happy when I am and sad when I am .But never fails to make me believe that there is silver lining in every dark could

  • I am grateful to have best sister in this world.She is best thing that ever happened to me.Constant sister,friend and devil,she is all in one. :)
I want to go back home now..I am missing home..sob sob :(

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