Sunday, 28 April 2013

Day#1 I am GRATEFUL for..

As this is my Day 1 post, I wanted to write about the most precious thing that I have and I am truly grateful for.Something without which I cannot imagine a complete day..what it could be?

As I was thinking,in the background...Abhi mujhme Kahin (From Agneepath) was suddenly dawned on me...yes I am truly grateful for music in my life.

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I don't even remember when I fell in love with music.May be when I was a kid.I still remember the days when we had huge collection of cassettes in possibly all kind of genre starting from birthday songs to bhajans,movies and what not.

There was also this time when me & my sister will sit down and make a list of songs which we want to be recorded in a cassette.Then my parents will get it recorded for us.Whole week only that cassette will be played.That was really crazy :P

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Well there was Radio which made this relationship more strong.I still, till date prefer to hear a song on radio then played on ipod/mobile.I feel so happy when the song which is in my head suddenly gets aired on radio.What a pleasure.( You may find it funny but yes I do feel so)

I still remember Fogi bhaiyo k farmaish,Jaimala,Halawa Mehel,sakhi shaheli,Pitara aired on Vivid bharti.My grandmother use to put it on.When ever I listen to ,(which I dont often now) I remember her taking recipes for new pickle and all the good times I had during summer vacation.

I feel music has very special kind of memory with it.Whenever you are listening and engaged in an activity next time when you play it entire event gets played in your mind with action.Like you are reliving it.We had gone for you first college picnic and there was this cassette which was played during the journey,now whenever I listen to those songs I can recall all the crazy things which we did :) .
I am not sure whether this happens to you all or I am the odd one out.

  • I am grateful for all the time when cassette/new music players were provided to me to enjoy all my songs.
  • I am grateful for every time whenever the song which is playing in my head gets aired on radio.I feel so elated.Joy with no measures.
  • I am truly grateful for all those users who uploads songs on YouTube so that I can watch them whenever I want.
  • I am grateful for all gadget that I own which let me enjoy music all the time.They are really a treasure for me.

  • I am truly grateful, that for every mood there is a song and best part is I get to listen it as per my mood.

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  • I am grateful that I get good reception of signal at office & home which allow me to enjoy radio all the time.No I am serious,earlier place ,I dint have good reception and I couldn't enjoy radio at all for 3 months. :(
  • I am grateful for all the radio channels.Because they play all bollywood songs.When I was out of India I really missed it.Seriously Local FMs are amazing.These radio helped me to learn local language also :)
  • I am grateful that certain songs have such beautiful memories attached to it that,only their mention makes me relive it
  • I am really grateful to all those people who put in so much effort to bring beautiful songs to us,be it musicians,lyricist,singer,radio,music channel.
  • I am grateful that I have got the opportunity to attend music concerts of few of favourite singers and musicians.They were one of the best experiences of my life.

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