Friday, 26 April 2013

The Magic..A magical journey begins

A year  back I came across The Magic By Rhonda Byrne.I am very sure most of you must have read it and practised it.I had stumbled upon The Secret, her first book, years ago and re-read few times when ever I wanted to feel really good and pepped up.I know most of you must have read it also.

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About The Magic, when I read it I was really blown away by the detailed description of each and every practise provided.It looked like that it had all the answers about practising LOA daily.I started following it and left it in middle.This I did for multiple times by  now( and I am not proud of it all).I am bit lazy and lack PERSISTENCE.

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I have come across many blogs where blogger follow Marathon for some days. I liked the idea and now starting to practise the same here .I have a feeling that by writing and sharing with you all,at least I will be able to complete the 28 days activity.

So here I am starting the 28-Days of Magical Practise.

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What will I do...
  • Daily I will be sharing the list of things/experiences which I am grateful about.
  • If its possible,I will be sharing what I did as part for the activity of the day

Disclaimer: I am doing this activity in personal interest.I have not been paid by any person or company.No copyright infringement intended.

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