Monday, 29 April 2013

Day#2 I am GRATEFUL for..

When we see our lives with a grateful eye we realise that we are truly living like a king or God's spacial person.This is my second day and I have realised that I lead a luxurious life and one such possession is my Books.

Books are magical.It makes you forgot your surrounding and takes you to another world.World which is created in your mind where you can feel and connect with the characters.They talk to you,you laugh/cry with them,they make you ponder,enables you to see things in new light and once you are  done with a book you are changed .That's  the power of a good book

Well what I remembered,I started my reading with Champak,Chanda Mama,Chacha Choudhary.Then I got 'Panchtantra K Khataye'.As I grew I use to finish reading my Hindi & English books in first week of school itself. :).As a kid I mostly read Hindi Literature which was in abundance at our local library.

Then when we moved to new city I started my first series Nancy Drew and Famous Five.Then came my first love Harry Potter which made me best friends with books and I want to thank J.K.Rowling for it.It gave food for my thought.I had this imaginary world of Hogwarts ,once entered use to make me forget my mundane life.

  • I am truly grateful to my parents who encouraged me to read books.
  • I am truly grateful to all the local libraries which helped to quench my thirst for books.
  • I am truly blessed to have read few amazing books like Harry Potter which made sure I continued reading for rest of life.
  • During the most lonely period,books were my constant companion which kept me alive,made me laugh and helped me understand why I was going through that phase.
  • Area where I lived currently has this wonderful library which has so many books that I think it can keep me busy for another 4 years.:)
  • Then I came across The Secret.I cannot thank enough the person who introduced me to The Secret.I am truly grateful for the book which changed my entire perspective of life.Its is the kind of book which I like to carry everywhere I go.Even though I am not reading it. 

  • I am grateful for these books which introduced me to this blogging world where I meet such amazing story tellers.
  • I am grateful to Privy Triffles .She really touched my heart with her stories.
  • I am grateful to come across Preeti Shenoy's blog.She truly inspired me to the core.I am a big fan of her blog and 'Tea for 2 and Piece of Cake.
  • I am grateful that I always have money to buy books and even gift them.
  • I am grateful that I came across to so many beautiful books and wonderful authors who wrote them.

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